This doodle is my Suburban Snow White interpretation of what a creative fourth grade teacher's brain looks like.

This doodle is my interpretation of what a creative fourth grade teacher’s brain looks like.

Hey fourth grade teacher!

Are you an educator who wants to shake things up and leave the world better than you found it? Do any of the following traits match you or your vision of the teacher you yearn to become?

  • You have a funky, off-beat style that doesn’t quite match that of most teachers. (You love them, but you feel a little different.)
  • You show kids how the skills you teach can help them make the world amazing.
  • You nurture their gifts.
  • You encourage each child to follow her curiosity.
  • You squeal at the sight of new paintboxes and the smell of crayons.
  • You have a silly side, and kids instinctively trust you and love walking into your room each day.
  • You absolutely adore books and want their students to become voracious readers because, man, it’s fun!

Then Suburban Snow White is your new pad! Here we’ll explore all that good stuff PLUS how to do it efficiently so that you can leave work on-time to enjoy a vibrant life outside of the school walls. Because there is a big, lovely world out there people, just waiting for you to explore!

Life is too darn short, my lovelies. Let’s get crackin’.

Not a fourth grade teacher?

I teach another grade.

Terrific! Learning from other grade levels is just as fun and valuable. Any educator worth her salt knows it’s worth one’s while to talk to teachers of other disciplines or grades. We can learn oodles from each other.

I’m not a teacher.

Everyone’s a teacher in some manner. Whether you are a parent, an auntie, a student, or a professional frisbee player, you are welcome to sit back, relax, and join in the fun! You might be surprised by how much applies to you and your life.